The One place i wanna be

is in his arms

but im a wimp

plus i am soooo not ready for a relationship

at least thats wat i tell myself (:

anyways hes so sweet and nice and funny and cool to b around

but we’re just friends ):

you know what, though?

im cool with that.


Its Time for school!!!!

first day to school in five days!!!!

wooo!!!! (for the five days offf)

booo!!!! (for the five days ahead)

kk all u other kids hve fun at school today!!!

all u adults- try not to fall asleep at work (:

My blog almost has its 100th visitor (via It’s almost the Holidays)

okay, so i was his hundreth visitor so he has a hundred now.
bbut visit his site anywayz XD
link in my links section (where else would it be?

My blog has almost 100 hits at just 3 short of the mark. Thank you all for viewing my blog! I'll keep updating it, and please keep viewing it! … Read More

via It's almost the Holidays

Check This Out:

i have youtube account now. so far i only have one video, but i hope to change that. my username is OneNoteJoke and heres a link to my sing video:     Its called: OneNoteJoke just the way you are spoof

luffs ya nd enjoy ::D

Apparently My new theme is awesome

somebody ikes my theme!!!!

but seriosly, if i have 32 hits, then there should be more comments :/

so comment- or i will bite ur head off  >:{]

XD luffs y’all <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

My fifth day of bloggyness!!!

day five is halfway over an di already have 32 hits!!! this is uber-exciting for me because, well. . .

i dunno but its uber-exciting!!!


see? im exited!

now subscribe to my blog, and my friends also!!! (in case you havn’t heard, he is really cool)

<————— theres a link to his blog in the widgets!!! (

hes trying to get his hundredth visitor!!!!

so visit and subscribe to both our blogs!!!

New Theme XD

i got a new theme cuz my old one was boring . . . . . . . .

like this post if you my new background (;

it woulld be an honor if you commented (:

k luffs ya all, update ya l8r (:

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