I am not stupid

today my mom told me that i will not be alowed to do anything but homework until i catch up in my work.

She took away my ipod so im using my laptop (she doesnt know i have it in my room)

i tried to explain to her and she screamed at me and said “youve had mor than 9 missing assignments all year!!!”

i ran away crying and she stilll yealled at me while i was sobbing sitting with my back ti the door so she couldnt get me.

this is the most ive had all year.

the most besides that was 5 and thats was  only for two weeks. othere than that its been 2-3.

only for the past three weeks have i had so many, and this is why:

i have b-ball practice till 6 everynight and dont get home till 6:30

wen i do get hiome she makes me sit and eat dinner wit the family for a half hour

then she makes me do my chores and cator to her evry need.

ny the time im done and its 830 shes yeling at me because i havnt started my homework yet.

then she makes my go to bed at 10

on mondays she makes me participate in ‘family meetings’

and wednsday nights she makes me go to church for an hour (even tho we already go on sundays)

on fridays i get home early and she makes me clean the house

over the weekend shes always makin me do stuff and yells at me if my homeworks not done

im not complaining, im venting- this is basicly my diary

and it hurts really bad shes always treating me like im stupid.

shee doesnt get that im in the top 20 if people with least amount of missing assignments

she thinks if i have 1 missing assignment im stupid and procastinating and doesnt belive i just dont get it because she says im smart even tho she treats me like im stupid

and im not stupidd

all most kids want is for their parents to be proud and supportive

and all she evr does is hurt me

and it hurts so bad

its been half an hour and im still crying.

she wonders why i never want to be neaar her? becasue she hurts me

and if u cant be safe from pain in ur own home, where can u b safe?

my best freind just moved and i have noone to run to

people are always bullying me at school

im not safe at home

or school

or basketball practice

and the on place i wanna b, im to afraid to ask to b there


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