so im on thr girls basketball team at my school (:

im a starter (sometimes)

we lost our first game by one point, as well as our scrimage. and we lost them both in the last 10 seconds ):

sad, i know. but tomorow (thurday) we have a home game and plan to dominate.

one, because of our skills, and, two, because we played this team last year and know they suck.

so cheer fo me to do great, score, be good on defence and for the reest of my tem to do that also. or we’ll lose . . . .

and cheer for us to win!!!!

if youre cheering for the woway cats, like this post!!! and comments would be an honor!!!!!

thank you, dear readers and friend, and have a wonderful wednsday night!!!!!

(get some partying in ::) . . .  .!!!)


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