Almost a Week and a Half of Blogginess!!!!

so i’ve been blogging for a week and a half and only have 41 hits ):

its actually reallly good, i guess, but i have comments from just2 ppl!!!!

comment something, anything, and i’ll let it pass!!!! (as long as its not uber-inappropiate)

and tell riends, family, aquatinces, enemies, and turles of all sorts to read my blog!!!

BTW: if you have any idea what im talkking about, comment you answer: HOW DID YOURE DATE WITH BRAD PITT GO LAST NIGHT? ME AND MEGAN FOX ARE STILL GOING STEADY!!!


New Ideas!!!

so i only have one youtube video- i know, sad isnt it?

but you can help me!!!!!

leave suggestions as comments so i can make new videos.

spoofs, comedyies, even puppet shows if you wish

tell me and i’ll consider!!! i need new ideas!!!!! fo youtube videos!!!!

comment ur suggestions!!! thanks!!!


wewonwewonwewonwewonwewon WE RUN THE GAME WOOOOOOOPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!

okay so i started cuz im so beast and it was such a close game but we won 23-19 and i am so friggin excited.

it was funny at the end too. there was this girl between 250 and 300 pounds and she was fouling.

then she ran towards one of our players and obviosly purposly shoved her hard, with a little boob bumb in there too.

so our player goes flying, but soesnt hit the girl cuz she doesnt want her to sit on her and make her die

then after we win and we’re in the huddle i say “that little bi*ch!!! nono, more like a big bi*ch.) they laugh. i turn around. shes standing there with her arm halfway down her pants scratching her butt. i turn back to the huddle. “and she has her hands down her pants!!!” i say. everyone turns and we crack up laughing. its wasnt even a quick thing either. the girl was scratching her @$$ for 3 friggin minutes and we laugh about it for 30 minutes. i am now cool. because an obese girl scratches her butt.

isn’t basketball cool? and, it makes quite a story.