“I Lost The Game.” (And Just Made you Mad At Me)

This is what happens when you lose the game.

Middle school is a fantastic place for freaks and weirdos to dwell and bring forth the freako-ness and weirdo-ness in us all.

Sadly, ‘The Game’ is part of that.

Now, now, I know what you’re thinking: it’s just a game!!!! Oh, but my dear friend, it’s so much more than that. Oh, so much more. The Game is a lasting tradition encased and nurtured within all our minds. Literally. But, at my middle school, ‘The Game is life itself. And, it can get quite annoying.

Now, for my dear readers who do not know the meaning of The Game, allow me to explain. The Game is a game people all across or beautiful nation and beyond participate in. I now bow to whichever strange minds invented this wonderful tradition know as The Game. see, The Game is all in your head. And I mean it that way, too. The second that you think about the game, you lose it. And then you must announce that you lost The Game. Now everyone in the room has also lost. Eventually, and quite quickly, the game is lost by all. and you start over again. And again. And again.

Now, people try to resist. But eventually, we all find ourselves calling out “I lost The Game!!!” If only to spite those around us. And, in all honesty, it can be quite entertaining. The moans and groans of despair. Protests. Even a little profanity, of which would be much to inappropriate to post here on , my blog. It is funny though, that people gt so worked up over something as small as losing a game that’s impossible to win.

You may be thinking, “there’s always a way to win!!!” but not in The Game. if you do win, and you realize it, you are thinking of the game. and therefore you have automatically lost. oh, the irony. when you realize you win, you have already lost. but that’s the thing with the game.Iit’s so utterly pointless and senseless and ALLTOGETHER DUMB. but, hey, that life isn’t it?How to get into the game: its easy. as soon as you learn what the game is, your playing. youre in and theres no way out. you are forever lost and stuck in The Game. The game no one but the few freaks and weirdos wants to play. But you must.. There’s no going back.. You may say “Oh, im not playing that game. It’s stupid.” Ah-hah, but you are. and you have now just lost it, because to speak of the game, you must think of it first. so you are a failure in your own rights.

In conclusion, you are now playing the game. And you just lost it. now wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, you must say it. loud and proud “I LOST THE GAME!!!!”

And now everyone is just as mad at you as they are at me.


I lost the game (:

Ah, that never gets old . . . .



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Sock Monkey!!!

i was just at the store and i saw a giant sock monkey.

i have never owned a sock monkey before, and i love them!!! THEY”RE SO FRIGGIN CUTE!!!!!

so iwasted 20 nuckson it (:

but now i is happy cuz i haves a sock monkey!!!!

his name is maxx (make the ‘x’ sound about three seconds long)

and i love my little monkey de sock!!!!