By the time your done reading this title, you’ll probably already be bored and exit out of my site, but, if you have made it this far into my streched out title, i encorage you to take the risks and finish reading. of course, noone is probably even reading this part because i made my title so pointlessly long to begin with, and i havnt even got the the topic yet. youre probably annoyed with me right about now. dont worry, im annoyed with me too. there really wasnt a topic or reason to this post in the first place, sooooo . . . . i guess im done now.

hope you enjoyed my title (:

Something funny!

I have something funny to share with you. It is a game.
This game requires two people or more.
You and the other person scream YOUR simutaniously.
The you scream sofa
Prsn2 screams king
U scream sofa
2 screams king
U scream sofa
2 screams king
And then the two of you scream STUPID simutaniously.

Enjoy my ‘something funny’!!!!! Nn