CANTEEN!!!!! aka school dance :P

i wonder when the last time i posted was? its been like, a couple DAYS im all unattached lolz

annnyywaays my canteen was last nighr (:

it was reall fun, the music was awesome except when the played “party in the USA” at the end ugh.

but there was a dodgeball tournement, and i wached some of that- i fourgot to sign up so dinnit get to play till the end when it was like a anybody session or somehting. my friends team lost because the team they were facing cheated. they had a teacher, and he got hit in the boobs, but he got to keep playing ): ah well. sucks for my friend lol

anywayz i got to hang out and talk and eat (little ciesers pizza- only $5 for a large pie!!!) and dance.

question? dont you hate people who think they can dance, but really cant? i do.

but i loooove the peple who KNOW they cant dance but do it anywayz!!! 😛 thats the kinda person i like- and am!!!!

anywayz, it was really aweosme and i cant wait for the next one!!!!!!!

promise i’ll update soon!!!!!!!


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