okay so fact is, we all listen to lady gaga.

everybodys all like, ‘oh, i don’t listen to lady gaga. that makes me sooo cool, because i dont listen to her.’ oh just shutup. its so annoying. im sure everybody has seen a movie with her music in the background or listened to Bad Romance on their friends ipod. okay? so quit it!!!

anyways . .  . now that im done with my speal XD

click this link, watch the video if you havnt already, and comment answering this question:

Do guys really find it ‘sexy’ when a girl humps a pool chair? cuz that seems a little far fetched . . . :/

answer my question!!!!  i wanna know your opinion!!!!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. anonymous
    Dec 21, 2010 @ 16:44:06

    I do not find myself “cool” for disliking Lady Gaga. Although, I do find myself respectful to actual, good music. Lady Gaga cares nothing about the music AT ALL–it’s all the clothes and make-up and appearance. An artist should care solely for the sound and the message that plays back to their fans. Of course, that is one man’s opinion — feel free to argue with me on it.

    By the way, author, the entire quote is:
    “‘I see,’ said the blind man to his deaf son as he picked up his hammer and saw.” A personal favorite of mine, told to me by my father.


  2. pope7
    Dec 22, 2010 @ 00:32:54

    To respond to anonymous’s comment, I don’t disagree with the idea that an artist should care solely for the musical aspect in a song, but sadly in today’s society there is much more to “worry about”. You mentioned some of these things: clothes, make-up, appearance. But to me, its actually not those things that are important to the artists, it’s the money to be made. It’s all about money these days. I can’t say I have anything against Lady Gaga, but I’m sure that she is most worried about her income, more than the music itself.


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