Take My Advice

i changed my mind. i decided im too strong to be that weak and i think im better now.

if anybody else is have problems like i have been, and youve given up on yourself- stay there for the people you love. act your way into feeling. feel like you deserve to live- and you will come to believe it. that is the way it has to be

also, find a way to vent. write a poem, song, story, paragraph, even blog post like i did. i never believed it until now, but letting it out to someone, something, ANYTHING can help. if you feel like someones listening, you will be helping yourself.

and blog posts are good. i got over 40 hits today and i really made me feel like SOMEONE was listening. and thats good enough for now. try to change your perspective, your view in things. try to act you way into feeling.

Take my advice. if you need it, take it. because i dont want anyone else to feel like i did. so please understand what you must do, so that if there is noone there to help you, you can at least help yourselves.


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  1. xxxxxxxxxx
    Feb 26, 2011 @ 16:33:11

    You’re blog is really nice.It’s great that you want others to feel strong.As a teenager,I also feel something knocking me down every time but the inspiration that I get from many people makes me realise that I’m also important,it makes me believe that there is someone out there who will definitely listen to me.Teenage life is really difficult but as one thinks for a while he/she can find many ways to make it the MOST beautiful moment of his?her life……..:)


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