so theres this aweosme website called voisse where you can record things and have people listen to them. most peole sing. like me.
see, im not a very good singer, but i like to do it anyways. also, i sound better on voisse than in person because i dont like singing in front of people because they ight make fun of me.
anyways i have some songs on there. i wrote them all. thats one of my things. i may not be a good singer, but i love to write songs. my favorite one ive written is ‘FAIRY BLUE’.
its a song about reaching a place in life. a place where you see everything in fairy blue. fairy blue is like peace, serenity, and understanding. i love it.
but dont forget. i am constantly writing new songs and adding them to voisse, so check it often if you want. click here to go to my voisse.
i will also add a link to it in my links widget in the side bar. i will aslo add a link ti my youtube channel.
kk check it out nd have a nice day XD
(finish up that christmas shopping)



no, i am NOT talking about prince XD
i purposly put controversial posts on this blog so i can here you opinions- and others can too!!!
so, comment away.
no matter what you post, i will approve it because everybody deserves to here you opinions, even if they’re not the same as mine. thank you for those who posted on ‘LADY GAGA’ because thats another point of view for people to look at (btw, i think that the clothes, make-up, hair, and music are all one. its culture. but i agree. most people do it for the money.)
so speak youre mind, dear readers!!!!!
get your opinon out there!!!!!!!
not only others, but myself want to here it.
if you read a post of mine, and something pops into your head, comment it, alright? alright!!!
update soon!!!!