so theres this aweosme website called voisse where you can record things and have people listen to them. most peole sing. like me.
see, im not a very good singer, but i like to do it anyways. also, i sound better on voisse than in person because i dont like singing in front of people because they ight make fun of me.
anyways i have some songs on there. i wrote them all. thats one of my things. i may not be a good singer, but i love to write songs. my favorite one ive written is ‘FAIRY BLUE’.
its a song about reaching a place in life. a place where you see everything in fairy blue. fairy blue is like peace, serenity, and understanding. i love it.
but dont forget. i am constantly writing new songs and adding them to voisse, so check it often if you want. click here to go to my voisse.
i will also add a link to it in my links widget in the side bar. i will aslo add a link ti my youtube channel.
kk check it out nd have a nice day XD
(finish up that christmas shopping)


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