Happy Holidays!!!

dear readers,

i’m sorry i havnt updated the past few days, but the holidays have been busy for me. would you like a list of what i’ve done? okay, here goes:

  1. on christmas morn i slept in till 8:30. we sat around for fifteen minutes before we opened gifts.
  2. after opening gifts, we sat around some more as we surveyed our presents.
  3. my brother played with his dsi that i bought him (those things are expesive- i now regret paying for it) and i fell asleeep.
  4. around noon we drove to our grandparents house (2 hours away)
  5. stayed there all day and did not return till around 10:30 pm
  6. on the 26th, my mother woke me up and said she was leaving for the store and that i was coming
  7. got ready in 5 minutes
  8. spent 4 hours at the mall, 1 hour at target
  9. got home
  10. i organized all the gifts i had bought my friends
  11. fell asleep again
  12. my mothers kind of step father came over for hours
  13. when he left, i went up to my room and watched 50 episodes of hetalia.
  14. i fell asleep again


well, thats that for you XD

anyways, i will update more often this week so ya


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