New Years Eve

so my family got invited to thre uber-awesome christmas parties, and one was at my friends house xD
but my mom was all like nooooooooooo we’re going to the one at our church
so i’m like awwww. . . .
and she said don’t be sad about going to church.
and i said i wasn’t, i was sad about not going to my friends house
and she said okay.
then, on wednsday we went to a party ofr the tech team at our church so i had to babysit a bunch of little kids, i got 10 bucks though. aalso, this really cool dude who’s name is Jo said that the party at our church wasn’t that bad, there would be karoke, food, soda, games, and dancing.
so i guess it sounds cool even though i have no friends at church ):
they better have line dancing though or else i’ll eat somebody >:D

butt hats what i’m doing tonight. i’m gonna go hide somewhere at 11:59 and reflect on what i did during the year, and what i wish i had the guts to do. at midnight, i’ll make promises to myself on what i will do this new year. thats my tradition.

also, if u guys havn’t checked out my book yet, you so totally should xD
i have four chaprters done and am working on the fifth. its so awesome, and when i’m done, i really hope i can get it published. heres the link:

it’s first in a series of three/four and i’m still in the xpostion, so excuse the fact there’s no action yet. i’ll get there xD

if you read it and want the spoilers, just send me a message or an e-mail, tnx xD