So It’s A New Year

The word around town is that it’s a new year.

Hmmm . . . Who would have thought the last one would go by so quickly? It is almost like a blur. I can tell you about the day my best friend suddenly stopped talking to me. January 21st the only thing she said to me all week was ‘Because you’re annoying.’ I can tell you about the day I earned the respect of i certain person I’d never had it from before. Febuary 12th. He yet again began to tease me about an incident way back in fifth grade. I said ‘Sorry would you repeat that? My ears arn’t the size of Obamas, Dumbos, and Micheal Phelps, so i have some trouble hearing sometimes.’ He said ‘you little bi**h.’ He learned i could throw a punch. Hasn’t bothered me since. On november 13th me and some friends went to the chiller to hang out for my birthday. two of them ditched me for some guys they didn’t even know. December 21st. I stopped feeling the pain.

In a way, I’m glad we’re here in a new year. A new start. A new state of mind. Another chance. Forgiveness. Another year to make a change. Obama has a chance to redeem our country. (Though I do agree with Mr. Vampire ‘Journalist’)

But from the other angle, It’s sad. The things i never did that i wish i had. Tell the truth. Be stronger. So many missed opportunity’s. Chances I let pass that I shouldn’t have.

But spirits up and candles lit. Cheers and beers (if you’re 21, that is) and celebration. Be happy. Forget the past, ignore the future, and live in the now. Because now is what affects us here. Do what you can to merely live. Follow your dreams, fall in love, become the person you wish you were.

So it’s a new year. Live in it.


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