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The best three weeks of my life…

Do you have that one person in your life that, no matter what has happened or how bad your day has been, you just feel happy and… RIGHT when you with them? I dont necassarily mean a love interest, maybe this person is just a friend. But no matter what happens you always feel good when your wuth them.
Well, i did summer gym this year, going into high school, and i got very close to someone i never thought i would ever get close to. Summer gym lasted 3 weeks and over those 3 weeks, i felt i knew this person better than i have ever known anyone- even myself. Just sitting next to him made everything ok.
Do you have a person like that? A person with whom there is no need for words? A person who you understand without explanation? A person you feel like you completely trust with everything? A person you see no flaws in?
Well, i do. And its a person i never expected. I dont know where things will go from here, but i hope that in a month we can just pick up where we left off. Because i dont think my life can again be complete without him in it. I dont know where i wanna take this- but i honesy dont mind staying exactly where we are.
Tell me, do you hace a person like that? Please, tell me about them. Because i would love to know…

The Fourth, Homie

yo wassup bra? i was just chillin with ma homies watchin all y’alls fireworks but they were nothin, i tell ya, nothin at all compared to the fireworks i made in bed last night.

just kidding. that was me being gangsta. which i am OBVIOSLY very good at. ANYWAYSSSS the fourth of juky was yeesterday.. no, wait, the day before… I KNOW MY DATES!!!!

so i went with my mom and dad but promptly ditched them after we cam eupon a group of people i didn’t hate. the fireworks i went to where done at the local high school, so i went to watch them there and knew that the likelyhood that i found someone i didn’t hate there to chill with was pretty high. Now, see, i dont’ hate all people, just the majority… JUST KIDDING!!! i lvoe you all. except for you. but i love the rest of you guys!!!! anyways, heres the deal… EERYONE in my elementary school (almost) were preppy, “cool”, annoying, and just plain mean. so i don’t like most of them. ANd for some reason all the preppy annoying kids like me and all they do is get on my nerves so i spent half my night running away from them. they’re not bad people at all… i just don’t like them. but YOU shouldn’t be offended- you’re not preppy!!!! well, YOU are… yes, you. get out of here 😛

Anyways while i was there i actually saw alot of my friends but they were all hanging out either with people i didn’t know, people who scared me, or peole that i didn’t like. so i jus stayed in my little clique most of the time.

Me and my firend, lets call her casquatch,  were buying smoothies and we were watching this girl. she was yelling something at some guy and laughing really high pitch and annoying. then she threw up her arms and her shirt came up to just under her… well, you know. so we started laughing at her. then she turned around to run away, and we saw that when she put her hands down she had grabbed her butt. she was just standing there.. groping her own butt… very strange girl…

but THEN when we sat down on th ebleachers, we looked behind us and… there she was!!! buttgirl was RIGHT BEHIND US  and was doing her annoying laugh with another one of her annoying slut friends. And everything me and casquatch said and did, they copied. We started man-singing the national anthum and so did they. then we started ohhing and ahhing at all the sucky firewaorks and so did they. then, everytime we saw a firework we yelled BOOM and… need i say it again. then when they were over and we were walking away, we heard buttgirrl say: “wait… what was that even for?” ahhhhh…. how i love stupid people

i mean, seriously… its the fourth of july! how do you NOT know why there are firewrks? i mean, SERIOUSLY????

anyways, i’ll be updating alot more now that i have found my password, which i previously lost. so be prepared for more epicness coming your way soon!!!!!

What’s your favorite movie quote?

I’ll give you my favorite TV quote instead:

"I actually admire the banana for its protective shell and its high level of potassium. But you can read all about THAT in my award winning SECOND grade paper, ‘The Yellow Miracle’."

Ask me about me beautiful face…

What YouTube video made you laugh recently?

"Dads Life" HILARIOUS!!!! check it out now its sooooo funny…(:

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What do you think is the best way to defeat terrorism?

stop being stupid and getting in other nations business. Why do terrorists tagged us? because we are nosey.

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Who’s your favorite musician?

Well i was on itunes and i randomly search my name, just cuz, and i found this singer named Elisa. I bought one of her albums and she is AMAZING. i’m going to by her other ones in the future(: She’s my favorite. ANd my favorite smog from her is ‘Stranger’. You should get some of her music too(:

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What are you procrastinating right now?

well, i really need to bury this body, but its wet… and rainy.. and i’m tired… and i just, well, don’t feel like it.

Ask me about Jacob Bloom…

Hide your name and post what you really think of me on my profile. Be as honest as you like, and send this to all of your contacts to see what you get (:

Hide your name and post what you really think of me on my profile. Be as honest as you like, and send this to all of your contacts to see what you get (:

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