heyy all you viewers of mine its been a while, no?

anywayyyz now i’m back and we can be friends again!!!! exciting!!

so i’m here to tell you about my new FORMSPRING

if you have any questions about me or anything, which you might since you probably read my blog on the rare occasion, then you can just hop on formspring, ask me anything, and then wait for my answer or something

k, see you on the other side!



so a good friend of mine ALSO blogs here and he has 493 hits. AS i am typing this, i have 466.
So i have to get ahead of him in blgginess, just to prove how much better i am.

SO WHATEVER YOU DO, do not click

AND NO MATTER WHAT do not click the link n”My friends blog!!!” on the sidebar. remember DO NOT click “My Friends Blog!!!”

Okay, thank you so much for not clicking ANY of those. Because i know you didn’t (;

Hehheh… thanks for visiting, i’ll update something about my life sometime in the future, k?

Talent Show

btw, i got better after i got worse, but on the bright side im not asick anym more. I’m in perfect health!!! a lot has been going on in my life lately and i’m afraid i havn’t had enough time to update you. Schools breathing down my neck, and its time for high school scheduling. My math teacherr says i may get held back in Algebra II and not go on to FST my freshman year, which would be really depressing since i’ve worked so hard to get three years ahead of my class :/ i supposse it was just too much, too fast, eh?

So, back and up to date now, there is going to be a talent show next week. A talent show which i will be in. I wrote a song that i want to sing, but im sure if i have the guts to sing it. last time i wrote a song and sung it people got mad at me. They all thought i was trying to copy this girl  named madison, who also writes and sings songs. she’s a better singer than me, but not a better writer. also, i was writing songs three years before she ever was. And the fact that all my songs are deep and from the heart really hurts. especially when people hate on them. Do they have any idea at all???

Well, besides, i have a copy of the lyrics here for you:

Paper planes

And paper hearts

And paper dreams

Paper everything

Down on paper write

You life

Paper crinkles

Paper dies

 Ripped to shreds

All that you want

Shattered, scattered,

Reality calls

Dreams are ruined

Love is gone

Nothing that can

save us now

Paper planes

And paper hearts

And paper dreams

Paper everything

Down on paper write

You life

Paper crinkles

Paper dies

If you want live forever

Find the fountain

Drink its waters

Write it all down on the paper

Paper we are all


Think about it everyday

You see the light

You see gods way

You try and try

But no escape

You can’t get out;

You must stay

Down on paper

is your life

You’re still living

to watch yourself die

Paper planes

And paper hearts

And paper dreams

Paper everything

Down on paper write

You life

Paper crinkles

Paper dies

Just like you



The songs name is ‘Paper’. I have two different versions i want to sing, on in the higher octave, one in the lower. the lower octave is easier and safer, but takes basicly no talent to sing. the higher octave, though, pushes my voice to its limits. and also, i am not sure if i can hit the last high note.

So i was wondering if you, my faithful readers, would do me a favor:

Go to and searcg “Paper (high)” and “Paper(low)”. listen to them then come back over here and tell me which one you think i should do. I’m asking because i know you all will be honest to me- i really don’t want to go up there and be embarrasssed, singing something not within my range.

REMEMBER!!!!, Paper (high) and Paper (low). Listen to them and comment telling me which you think i should do.

Thank you, faithful readers!!!!!

(i own all copyrights to lyrics posted on this website)

CANTEEN!!!!! aka school dance :P

i wonder when the last time i posted was? its been like, a couple DAYS im all unattached lolz

annnyywaays my canteen was last nighr (:

it was reall fun, the music was awesome except when the played “party in the USA” at the end ugh.

but there was a dodgeball tournement, and i wached some of that- i fourgot to sign up so dinnit get to play till the end when it was like a anybody session or somehting. my friends team lost because the team they were facing cheated. they had a teacher, and he got hit in the boobs, but he got to keep playing ): ah well. sucks for my friend lol

anywayz i got to hang out and talk and eat (little ciesers pizza- only $5 for a large pie!!!) and dance.

question? dont you hate people who think they can dance, but really cant? i do.

but i loooove the peple who KNOW they cant dance but do it anywayz!!! 😛 thats the kinda person i like- and am!!!!

anywayz, it was really aweosme and i cant wait for the next one!!!!!!!

promise i’ll update soon!!!!!!!

“I Lost The Game.” (And Just Made you Mad At Me)

This is what happens when you lose the game.

Middle school is a fantastic place for freaks and weirdos to dwell and bring forth the freako-ness and weirdo-ness in us all.

Sadly, ‘The Game’ is part of that.

Now, now, I know what you’re thinking: it’s just a game!!!! Oh, but my dear friend, it’s so much more than that. Oh, so much more. The Game is a lasting tradition encased and nurtured within all our minds. Literally. But, at my middle school, ‘The Game is life itself. And, it can get quite annoying.

Now, for my dear readers who do not know the meaning of The Game, allow me to explain. The Game is a game people all across or beautiful nation and beyond participate in. I now bow to whichever strange minds invented this wonderful tradition know as The Game. see, The Game is all in your head. And I mean it that way, too. The second that you think about the game, you lose it. And then you must announce that you lost The Game. Now everyone in the room has also lost. Eventually, and quite quickly, the game is lost by all. and you start over again. And again. And again.

Now, people try to resist. But eventually, we all find ourselves calling out “I lost The Game!!!” If only to spite those around us. And, in all honesty, it can be quite entertaining. The moans and groans of despair. Protests. Even a little profanity, of which would be much to inappropriate to post here on , my blog. It is funny though, that people gt so worked up over something as small as losing a game that’s impossible to win.

You may be thinking, “there’s always a way to win!!!” but not in The Game. if you do win, and you realize it, you are thinking of the game. and therefore you have automatically lost. oh, the irony. when you realize you win, you have already lost. but that’s the thing with the game.Iit’s so utterly pointless and senseless and ALLTOGETHER DUMB. but, hey, that life isn’t it?How to get into the game: its easy. as soon as you learn what the game is, your playing. youre in and theres no way out. you are forever lost and stuck in The Game. The game no one but the few freaks and weirdos wants to play. But you must.. There’s no going back.. You may say “Oh, im not playing that game. It’s stupid.” Ah-hah, but you are. and you have now just lost it, because to speak of the game, you must think of it first. so you are a failure in your own rights.

In conclusion, you are now playing the game. And you just lost it. now wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, you must say it. loud and proud “I LOST THE GAME!!!!”

And now everyone is just as mad at you as they are at me.


I lost the game (:

Ah, that never gets old . . . .