The Fourth, Homie

yo wassup bra? i was just chillin with ma homies watchin all y’alls fireworks but they were nothin, i tell ya, nothin at all compared to the fireworks i made in bed last night.

just kidding. that was me being gangsta. which i am OBVIOSLY very good at. ANYWAYSSSS the fourth of juky was yeesterday.. no, wait, the day before… I KNOW MY DATES!!!!

so i went with my mom and dad but promptly ditched them after we cam eupon a group of people i didn’t hate. the fireworks i went to where done at the local high school, so i went to watch them there and knew that the likelyhood that i found someone i didn’t hate there to chill with was pretty high. Now, see, i dont’ hate all people, just the majority… JUST KIDDING!!! i lvoe you all. except for you. but i love the rest of you guys!!!! anyways, heres the deal… EERYONE in my elementary school (almost) were preppy, “cool”, annoying, and just plain mean. so i don’t like most of them. ANd for some reason all the preppy annoying kids like me and all they do is get on my nerves so i spent half my night running away from them. they’re not bad people at all… i just don’t like them. but YOU shouldn’t be offended- you’re not preppy!!!! well, YOU are… yes, you. get out of here 😛

Anyways while i was there i actually saw alot of my friends but they were all hanging out either with people i didn’t know, people who scared me, or peole that i didn’t like. so i jus stayed in my little clique most of the time.

Me and my firend, lets call her casquatch,  were buying smoothies and we were watching this girl. she was yelling something at some guy and laughing really high pitch and annoying. then she threw up her arms and her shirt came up to just under her… well, you know. so we started laughing at her. then she turned around to run away, and we saw that when she put her hands down she had grabbed her butt. she was just standing there.. groping her own butt… very strange girl…

but THEN when we sat down on th ebleachers, we looked behind us and… there she was!!! buttgirl was RIGHT BEHIND US  and was doing her annoying laugh with another one of her annoying slut friends. And everything me and casquatch said and did, they copied. We started man-singing the national anthum and so did they. then we started ohhing and ahhing at all the sucky firewaorks and so did they. then, everytime we saw a firework we yelled BOOM and… need i say it again. then when they were over and we were walking away, we heard buttgirrl say: “wait… what was that even for?” ahhhhh…. how i love stupid people

i mean, seriously… its the fourth of july! how do you NOT know why there are firewrks? i mean, SERIOUSLY????

anyways, i’ll be updating alot more now that i have found my password, which i previously lost. so be prepared for more epicness coming your way soon!!!!!



i asked my friend what he wanted for christmas for under $15, and he said:

‘A Porsche’


i tripped going up the stairs
i fell backwards.
i hit my head on a wooden table.
i got mad at the table for hurting my head.
i turned around and punched it.
i screamed and fell down again, holding my hand.
i got madder.
i punched it with my other hand.
my little brother ran to see what was wrong.
he tripped on a nerf gun.
he fell on is face.
. . .
ahhh, life when the parents are out/

Check out My Youtube Channel!!!

For al you faithful readers out there, why dont you check out my youtube channel?

i have a couple of soung paradys and plan to add more.

i also have my “Random Animal Sound Of The Day” series

check it out, its awesome, heres a link:

hope yoou love it 😉

(btw my laptop is betta now )

Something funny!

I have something funny to share with you. It is a game.
This game requires two people or more.
You and the other person scream YOUR simutaniously.
The you scream sofa
Prsn2 screams king
U scream sofa
2 screams king
U scream sofa
2 screams king
And then the two of you scream STUPID simutaniously.

Enjoy my ‘something funny’!!!!! Nn

Hits, Clicks, Visits

so i resontly got alot of visits to my site 😉

i say its because of my tags. they can be convienant, i suppose. i actually tagged my post for the first time last night, and i quess that it had a good outcome. so i’ll do it more often, i suppose.

anyways, whats the difference between hits clicks and visits?

i would think that visits woluld just be anyone randmoly showing up on your site. clicks should be counted everytime they click on something. but hots should only be if people actuall like it. thing is, they’re all the same, so whatever.

my bud almost has 200 hits i barely have 50.  its probably because hes funny and likable.

me? not so much.

now, now, i know what your thinking- pore little girl with low self esteem!!!! your beautiful, child, so sweet, so innocent. theres nothing wrong with you!!!! just be yourself, and you can have all the friends you want!!!!

and this is what im thinking- ummm EXCUSE ME? i never said noone like me, you little BLEEP!!!!! i only said i am not fnny or likeable!!!! and if you could be reading my thoughts right now, i think you would not find me very likable, now would you? unless you think this is funny . . . ??? because if so, i can fix that little laugh of yours so it dont come back!!!

okay, but dont worry. i only think about u like that if you get on my nerves. which you dont. cuz i dont know you.

see, i am the type of person you have to get used to, i guess.

some people say im mean- i say im sensible to  ignoraance and stupidity. suppose its the same thing.

see, there are only a few people i find not ignorant or stupid: heres a list-

  • Friend on blog. (the one with almost 200 hits? hes really cool. i have a link to his blog on my blogroll click on: my friends blog!!!)
  • best friend. (think its from spending to much time with me)
  • other best friend. (same reason)
  • and a few other select and honored people

notice how i did not name myself. cuz i believe even i, the almighty beastly chick who should rule the world, have flaws.

one of them is ignorance.

another is stupidity.

now of course, i dont believe it- but i remind myself its true everysay.

 . . . . . .  . . . . . . . .

waaaaaiiiiiiiiiittttt . . . . . .

arn’t i supposed to be talking about hits?

“I Lost The Game.” (And Just Made you Mad At Me)

This is what happens when you lose the game.

Middle school is a fantastic place for freaks and weirdos to dwell and bring forth the freako-ness and weirdo-ness in us all.

Sadly, ‘The Game’ is part of that.

Now, now, I know what you’re thinking: it’s just a game!!!! Oh, but my dear friend, it’s so much more than that. Oh, so much more. The Game is a lasting tradition encased and nurtured within all our minds. Literally. But, at my middle school, ‘The Game is life itself. And, it can get quite annoying.

Now, for my dear readers who do not know the meaning of The Game, allow me to explain. The Game is a game people all across or beautiful nation and beyond participate in. I now bow to whichever strange minds invented this wonderful tradition know as The Game. see, The Game is all in your head. And I mean it that way, too. The second that you think about the game, you lose it. And then you must announce that you lost The Game. Now everyone in the room has also lost. Eventually, and quite quickly, the game is lost by all. and you start over again. And again. And again.

Now, people try to resist. But eventually, we all find ourselves calling out “I lost The Game!!!” If only to spite those around us. And, in all honesty, it can be quite entertaining. The moans and groans of despair. Protests. Even a little profanity, of which would be much to inappropriate to post here on , my blog. It is funny though, that people gt so worked up over something as small as losing a game that’s impossible to win.

You may be thinking, “there’s always a way to win!!!” but not in The Game. if you do win, and you realize it, you are thinking of the game. and therefore you have automatically lost. oh, the irony. when you realize you win, you have already lost. but that’s the thing with the game.Iit’s so utterly pointless and senseless and ALLTOGETHER DUMB. but, hey, that life isn’t it?How to get into the game: its easy. as soon as you learn what the game is, your playing. youre in and theres no way out. you are forever lost and stuck in The Game. The game no one but the few freaks and weirdos wants to play. But you must.. There’s no going back.. You may say “Oh, im not playing that game. It’s stupid.” Ah-hah, but you are. and you have now just lost it, because to speak of the game, you must think of it first. so you are a failure in your own rights.

In conclusion, you are now playing the game. And you just lost it. now wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, you must say it. loud and proud “I LOST THE GAME!!!!”

And now everyone is just as mad at you as they are at me.


I lost the game (:

Ah, that never gets old . . . .

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