The best three weeks of my life…

Do you have that one person in your life that, no matter what has happened or how bad your day has been, you just feel happy and… RIGHT when you with them? I dont necassarily mean a love interest, maybe this person is just a friend. But no matter what happens you always feel good when your wuth them.
Well, i did summer gym this year, going into high school, and i got very close to someone i never thought i would ever get close to. Summer gym lasted 3 weeks and over those 3 weeks, i felt i knew this person better than i have ever known anyone- even myself. Just sitting next to him made everything ok.
Do you have a person like that? A person with whom there is no need for words? A person who you understand without explanation? A person you feel like you completely trust with everything? A person you see no flaws in?
Well, i do. And its a person i never expected. I dont know where things will go from here, but i hope that in a month we can just pick up where we left off. Because i dont think my life can again be complete without him in it. I dont know where i wanna take this- but i honesy dont mind staying exactly where we are.
Tell me, do you hace a person like that? Please, tell me about them. Because i would love to know…



so a good friend of mine ALSO blogs here and he has 493 hits. AS i am typing this, i have 466.
So i have to get ahead of him in blgginess, just to prove how much better i am.

SO WHATEVER YOU DO, do not click

AND NO MATTER WHAT do not click the link n”My friends blog!!!” on the sidebar. remember DO NOT click “My Friends Blog!!!”

Okay, thank you so much for not clicking ANY of those. Because i know you didn’t (;

Hehheh… thanks for visiting, i’ll update something about my life sometime in the future, k?

Love is real

“When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down “happy”. They told me I didn’t understand the assignment.
I told them they didn’t understand life.”
— John Lennon

“I’m not going to change the way I look or the way I feel to conform to anything. I’ve always been a freak. So I’ve been a freak all my life and I have to live with that, you know. I’m one of those people.”
— John Lennon
I was just randomly searching things online and i came upon some quotes from john lennon, a man who does in fact inspire me alot. I am a beatles fan in general, but joohn lennon woul top the scale as my favorite in the group. Alot of the things he says, though controversial, make sense. Even as a young person, i cannot help but appreciate the meaning of some of their lyrics- especially their earlier work.
I apologize for the fact i have not posted here in a while- i should deprive you from my vast knowledge any longer than possible!!! but, see, things, i lost my password and it took me forever to find it and- augh. to make a long story short… I’m Back!

And i’m on spring break- i’d like to know how many of you have checked out my work at writers cafe? it is a great site and i definatley reccomend it for budding and even ppublished authors. Heres a link to my site:

If you read my current project, Burning, you can see that the writing in it is childesh and unsuported, the character developement is purly awful and that my main character is completely flat and boring. YOu will see that all my skill is plain cleverness, that my scenery is horrible, my descriptivness and spelling is bad as well. You will see that the relationships between garren and other characters fall flat and that garren himself, as a character, doesn’t make any sense. DO NOT WORRY!!! i have a whole week to editediteditblogediteditblogeditediteditedit!!!
SO why don’t ya’ll head over there write now and check it out- and on sunday you can go back and see the miraculous changes i have made!!!
And remember everyone- love is real.

Talent Show

btw, i got better after i got worse, but on the bright side im not asick anym more. I’m in perfect health!!! a lot has been going on in my life lately and i’m afraid i havn’t had enough time to update you. Schools breathing down my neck, and its time for high school scheduling. My math teacherr says i may get held back in Algebra II and not go on to FST my freshman year, which would be really depressing since i’ve worked so hard to get three years ahead of my class :/ i supposse it was just too much, too fast, eh?

So, back and up to date now, there is going to be a talent show next week. A talent show which i will be in. I wrote a song that i want to sing, but im sure if i have the guts to sing it. last time i wrote a song and sung it people got mad at me. They all thought i was trying to copy this girl  named madison, who also writes and sings songs. she’s a better singer than me, but not a better writer. also, i was writing songs three years before she ever was. And the fact that all my songs are deep and from the heart really hurts. especially when people hate on them. Do they have any idea at all???

Well, besides, i have a copy of the lyrics here for you:

Paper planes

And paper hearts

And paper dreams

Paper everything

Down on paper write

You life

Paper crinkles

Paper dies

 Ripped to shreds

All that you want

Shattered, scattered,

Reality calls

Dreams are ruined

Love is gone

Nothing that can

save us now

Paper planes

And paper hearts

And paper dreams

Paper everything

Down on paper write

You life

Paper crinkles

Paper dies

If you want live forever

Find the fountain

Drink its waters

Write it all down on the paper

Paper we are all


Think about it everyday

You see the light

You see gods way

You try and try

But no escape

You can’t get out;

You must stay

Down on paper

is your life

You’re still living

to watch yourself die

Paper planes

And paper hearts

And paper dreams

Paper everything

Down on paper write

You life

Paper crinkles

Paper dies

Just like you



The songs name is ‘Paper’. I have two different versions i want to sing, on in the higher octave, one in the lower. the lower octave is easier and safer, but takes basicly no talent to sing. the higher octave, though, pushes my voice to its limits. and also, i am not sure if i can hit the last high note.

So i was wondering if you, my faithful readers, would do me a favor:

Go to and searcg “Paper (high)” and “Paper(low)”. listen to them then come back over here and tell me which one you think i should do. I’m asking because i know you all will be honest to me- i really don’t want to go up there and be embarrasssed, singing something not within my range.

REMEMBER!!!!, Paper (high) and Paper (low). Listen to them and comment telling me which you think i should do.

Thank you, faithful readers!!!!!

(i own all copyrights to lyrics posted on this website)

So It’s A New Year

The word around town is that it’s a new year.

Hmmm . . . Who would have thought the last one would go by so quickly? It is almost like a blur. I can tell you about the day my best friend suddenly stopped talking to me. January 21st the only thing she said to me all week was ‘Because you’re annoying.’ I can tell you about the day I earned the respect of i certain person I’d never had it from before. Febuary 12th. He yet again began to tease me about an incident way back in fifth grade. I said ‘Sorry would you repeat that? My ears arn’t the size of Obamas, Dumbos, and Micheal Phelps, so i have some trouble hearing sometimes.’ He said ‘you little bi**h.’ He learned i could throw a punch. Hasn’t bothered me since. On november 13th me and some friends went to the chiller to hang out for my birthday. two of them ditched me for some guys they didn’t even know. December 21st. I stopped feeling the pain.

In a way, I’m glad we’re here in a new year. A new start. A new state of mind. Another chance. Forgiveness. Another year to make a change. Obama has a chance to redeem our country. (Though I do agree with Mr. Vampire ‘Journalist’)

But from the other angle, It’s sad. The things i never did that i wish i had. Tell the truth. Be stronger. So many missed opportunity’s. Chances I let pass that I shouldn’t have.

But spirits up and candles lit. Cheers and beers (if you’re 21, that is) and celebration. Be happy. Forget the past, ignore the future, and live in the now. Because now is what affects us here. Do what you can to merely live. Follow your dreams, fall in love, become the person you wish you were.

So it’s a new year. Live in it.

Sooner than i thought . . . .

remember how i said i’d update soo? well, this is sooner than i thought.



so, my solution is tu wait and see if it gets better nd not tell my parents cuz id get in trouble

anywayz, its happened before. eventually it worked ad it was weks since then so im sure it wll be fine.

hopefully :/

CANTEEN!!!!! aka school dance :P

i wonder when the last time i posted was? its been like, a couple DAYS im all unattached lolz

annnyywaays my canteen was last nighr (:

it was reall fun, the music was awesome except when the played “party in the USA” at the end ugh.

but there was a dodgeball tournement, and i wached some of that- i fourgot to sign up so dinnit get to play till the end when it was like a anybody session or somehting. my friends team lost because the team they were facing cheated. they had a teacher, and he got hit in the boobs, but he got to keep playing ): ah well. sucks for my friend lol

anywayz i got to hang out and talk and eat (little ciesers pizza- only $5 for a large pie!!!) and dance.

question? dont you hate people who think they can dance, but really cant? i do.

but i loooove the peple who KNOW they cant dance but do it anywayz!!! 😛 thats the kinda person i like- and am!!!!

anywayz, it was really aweosme and i cant wait for the next one!!!!!!!

promise i’ll update soon!!!!!!!