The best three weeks of my life…

Do you have that one person in your life that, no matter what has happened or how bad your day has been, you just feel happy and… RIGHT when you with them? I dont necassarily mean a love interest, maybe this person is just a friend. But no matter what happens you always feel good when your wuth them.
Well, i did summer gym this year, going into high school, and i got very close to someone i never thought i would ever get close to. Summer gym lasted 3 weeks and over those 3 weeks, i felt i knew this person better than i have ever known anyone- even myself. Just sitting next to him made everything ok.
Do you have a person like that? A person with whom there is no need for words? A person who you understand without explanation? A person you feel like you completely trust with everything? A person you see no flaws in?
Well, i do. And its a person i never expected. I dont know where things will go from here, but i hope that in a month we can just pick up where we left off. Because i dont think my life can again be complete without him in it. I dont know where i wanna take this- but i honesy dont mind staying exactly where we are.
Tell me, do you hace a person like that? Please, tell me about them. Because i would love to know…



okay so fact is, we all listen to lady gaga.

everybodys all like, ‘oh, i don’t listen to lady gaga. that makes me sooo cool, because i dont listen to her.’ oh just shutup. its so annoying. im sure everybody has seen a movie with her music in the background or listened to Bad Romance on their friends ipod. okay? so quit it!!!

anyways . .  . now that im done with my speal XD

click this link, watch the video if you havnt already, and comment answering this question:

Do guys really find it ‘sexy’ when a girl humps a pool chair? cuz that seems a little far fetched . . . :/

answer my question!!!!  i wanna know your opinion!!!!